Back to School 2020

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The kids are headed back to school!! Usually this is met with a ton of excitement and a TON of questions from the boys.

“Who is my teacher?”

“I wonder if any of my friends will be in my class.”

“Will you walk me to my classroom the first day?”

“Can you come eat lunch in the cafeteria with me?”

This year it just feels SO different. We still don’t know exactly how their schedule is going to go. We’ve been doing school at home since March and it actually has been going really well!

We snuck out today to capture a few pictures as we enter into a CRAZY year of school. I sure love these boys!

Jack just finished up second grade in July and is now heading to THIRD grade! We can’t believe it! Right now he says he wants to grow up and be in the Army (I’m not sure if this Mama’s heart can take that). His favorite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter. He LOVES to spend the majority of his day outside and is probably the only kid on the planet who asks to mow the grass and vacuum the house. He will talk your ear off, and drive you bananas, but he is the world’s sweetest kid! He’s grown so much academically and I can’t wait to see what third grade brings him!

Abel just finished his first year of school!! He is now moving on up to FIRST grade and is SO excited! Right now he says he wants to build robots when he grows up. Abel LOVES school. He is academically gifted and retains every single thing you teach him. He is happy sitting around playing legos all day, or asking 5000 times if it’s the weekend yet so he can play Minecraft, lol. He is still very much a daddy’s boy and is LOVING that dad has been working from home.


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