7 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

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The night before my husband and I got married we were running around like crazy. Our ceremony was scheduled for 9 o’clock in the morning and we only had access to the reception venue the day before. Alex took off work and spent the entire day stringing lights at the reception location–all for me to get off work and tell him I’d prefer them a different way. (insert teeth emoji) I was picking up last minute decorations, meeting the florist, talking to the caterers, and trying to figure out what to do with all the family coming in for the big day.

You can probably take a good guess that that is what NOT to do the night before you get married. Instead, we have found that wedding days go smoother, and brides are happier when they channel their energy into these 7 things:

Things to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

1. Eat a healthy meal.

The night before we got married, my sister and I sat on the couch drinking Prosecco and eating Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for dinner. Instead, stick to the healthy meals like fresh fruit and whole grains. Nobody wants to wake up with a hangover or an empty stomach on their wedding day.

2. Pack a bag of personal items.

Toss a bunch of must-haves into a bag to bring with you to the ceremony and reception. This could be tampons, Band-Aids, safety pins, bobby pins, Advil, hair ties, deodorant, extra makeup, tweezers, anything you could possibly need that next day.

3. Put any bags or items you need to bring for the big day in the car.

The morning of your wedding you’re nervous and excited and are more likely to forget those essential items. Pack the car the night before so you can wake up and not have to worry you’re forgetting anything!

4. Take that hair tie off your wrist!

I cannot tell you how many times we have taken pictures for a couple and we forget to have the woman take her hair tie off her wrist. Make sure to leave that hair tie in your needed items bag just in case you need it later.

5. Print out a list of vendor details.

Vendors are human and things happen. Make sure to print out a list of vendor info, like when they will be arriving, and contact information and pass it on to your point person. If any vendors are late or unaccounted for your point person has all their information and you are not the one having to stress on your big day.

6. Write a love note to your groom.

You’re most likely spending the night before your wedding apart. Take a few minute, pull out your favorite notepad, and write a note for your husband-to-be. Remind him why he will be seeing you walk down that aisle tomorrow morning. Make sure to leave it in his dressing room for him to read before the ceremony.

7. Enjoy one last moment.

Tonight is your last night as fianc├ęs. Whether you’ve chosen to sleep apart or going to bed together, take a moment with one another to enjoy everything that has gotten you to this point. Enjoy that last moment together before you officially become husband and wife.


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