Reasons to Hire a Husband & Wife Photography Team

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We think it is so important that anyone doing research on a wedding photographer makes sure there are always two professional shooters available for your wedding day. However, we also think you should take it a step further and find a husband and wife team *preferably us* and here’s why!

  1. HELLO, we are married! We obviously know how to work together in our business and in our everyday lives! We know each others strengths and weakness, which perfectly balances us out making us successful in our marriage and as your photographers.
  2. By hiring a husband and wife team you automatically get two for the price of one!! Who doesn’t love a deal?! We sure do.
  3. Two professional photographers means two unique angles for all of your photos. For example, we love to take turns on who will shoot the bride walking down the aisle and who will shoot the groom’s reaction. We love getting those in the moment reactions from everyone when it matters most.
  4. Two professional photographers is also a MUST because Suzanne can go off with the bride and her bridesmaids for all of the getting ready shots while Alex is able to go with the groom and his groomsmen. This allows more time for photos to be taken before the ceremony!
  5. We have been there! Collectively four times between the two of us…yikes! But that means you can trust us to KNOW a thing or two because we have experienced it ourselves. We know what it is like to have a gallery delivered to you and be disappointed. Because of our personal experiences, we are confident that between the two of us, we can capture every key photo and every moment in between of your day.
  6. WE LOVE WEDDINGS! Which is funny to say after revealing we are both on our second (and final lol) marriage but we really do! We love capturing all the love that fills your wedding day. We are the cheesiest couple that takes any reason to celebrate each other and our love. First date anniversary, first time saying “I love you” anniversary, proposal anniversary – you get the idea! We celebrate love regularly and being able to photograph weddings brings us back to our happy day every time.
  7. You get two new friends! Yay! But we really mean it. Our clients are more than clients. We know how cliché that sounds *eye roll* but our clients become our friends. We LOVE getting to know all of our couples and hearing their unique love stories. And it’s so special to us to capture you during the engagement period and to be there right by your side on your wedding day, as your photographers and friends!

If you need anymore convincing please come and hangout with us on Instagram or TikTok! We love connecting and getting to know our followers and future couples. Come say hi!


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