Three Must Haves in Your Wedding Budget

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We know that once you get down to creating a wedding budget things can get a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to budget for, you don’t know what you can spend more or less on, so we are here to try and help! We have found that these three items are a MUST. No skimping allowed!


We PROMISE this money spent won’t be a waste! Having fresh beautiful floral arrangements can change the entire look of your wedding. Your photos will absolutely pop with the touches of your favorite florals. For a little more money you can have the high end feel every couple deserves on their day!

Hair & Makeup

TREAT YOURSELF!!! It’s YOUR day to look and feel your absolute BEST!! Being pampered is so much fun and will have you feeling on top of the world! This little extra touch will boost your confidence too.

Fitted Tux/Tailored Suit

Grooms!! It’s your day too! This is not the senior prom. On your wedding day it’s an absolute MUST for you to have attire that isn’t straight off the rack. This means spending the money to get your suit tailored to fit you so you look sharp standing next to your bride!

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